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On 26th July 2006 a Liverpool local paper, the Liverpool Echo, printed a story about the Adelphi that has understandably caused some anxiety among Convoy's membership and potential membership.

Chris Bell was despatched to Liverpool to find out what was going on from the Adelpi's point of view, and on 5th August 2006 spoke with the hotel's manager, Eileen Downey, about this story.

The actual allegations in the article are a little hard to pin down, but Eileen gave Chris her personal assurance that the work on improvements to security at the Adelphi that has been suggested by the Liverpool police was already in hand at the time the story was published.

To quote Eileen's email to Chris:

Further to our meeting today I would like to put on record our discussions

1. I take delivery of 200 security [safe deposit] boxes within 4-6 weeks.

2. Elite Security are surveying the building to upgrade our CCTV system on Wednesday 9th August 12.00 noon.

3. All bedrooms will have electronic locks by the time 2007 Eastercon use the Adelphi.

Eileen is confident that when the committee members next make a site-visit to the Adelphi, we will be satisfied that security concerns have been addressed. She suggested amending the contract Convoy has with the Adelphi to include these points, and an amended contract is being prepared for signature.

One specific statement in the Echo report seems to have been the result of a misunderstanding:

"There was uproar last month when security guards were axed, amid claims safety was not a problem."

Eileen assured Chris that the security guards have not been axed, that it is not intended that they should be, and that this has never been intended.

The receptionist who has been reported as having been unhelpful to a lady who had money stolen from her room left the job shortly after the transmission of the BBC docusoap about the Adelphi that was filmed in 1997


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